Google to launch AR app in China with Xiaomi

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 "Initially, the technology will be available for Xiaomi's Mix 2S devices via an app in the Xiaomi App Store, but Google has plans to add more partners in China over time, including

Huawei and Samsung that have signed up to distribute ARCore apps on Chinese soil," TechCrunch rpeorted on Monday.

Even though most of Google's core services, including Google Play Store, remain either blocked or restricted in China, the apps based on ARCore will be able to function in China because the technology can work on devices without cloud support, the report added.

To expand Google apps' distribution in China, the search engine giant has reportedly inked deals with handset makers like Huawei and Xiaomi that operate their own app stores pre-loaded on their devices.

In recent months, Google partnered with China-based Tencent to invest in a number of startups.

Additionally, Google announced an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based lab in Beijing along with opening a presence in Shenzhen, the Chinese city known as the "Silicon Valley of hardware."

Google is also hosting its first "Demo Day" programme for startups in Asia with an event planned to be held in Shanghai this September.



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